Monkey on your back! Dog adopts chimp after losing puppies

A caring Creole dog has taken to carrying a white-fronted Capuchin monkey on her back after she lost her litter of puppies in Colombia`s port city of Cartagena. The touching story has surprised locals who look with amazement as the two inseparable animals parade around La Heroica together. The street dog had puppies a few weeks ago, but lost the litter. The authorities explain that the... Еще monkey was probably brought to the city by people who unscrupulously removed it from its habitat before abandoning it. The monkey was lucky that the dog nursed him and now takes him everywhere as if it were his natural mother. A citizen informed the authorities who went in search of this exotic couple. When they found the animals, the police tried to give them individual attention, however each time they were separated they became aggressive, the monkey immediately ran to cling to the back of his dog.
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