Money doesn’t grow on trees — Rome’s costly Christmas tree experiment

Rome’s municipal authorities spent an eye-watering €48,000 ($56,774) on a Christmas tree which has been compared to a toilet brush, in footage captured in central Rome on Thursday. The Christmas tree is seen by some as a potent symbol of wasteful public spending in the Italian capital. An investigation revealed the final bill for transporting, erecting and dismantling the installation in Piazza... Еще Venezia is more than three times the costs of last year's tree. Residents of Rome did not hold back when expressing their views about the installation in Piazza Venezia. One commented «it is the worst one I have ever seen», while another said, «I feel ashamed to come from Rome.» The word 'spelacchio,' meaning 'mangy' in Italian, has been trending on Twitter, as people throughout the country have been voicing their opinions. Even if Rome was not built in a day, this tree looks like it was.

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