Monaco: Porsche takes its new design out on the high seas in Monte Carlo

Porsche has shown it is not out of its depth when it comes to boating designs, as it unveiled its newest model GTT 115 — a superyacht — in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Wednesday. The 115 foot (35.05 metres) superyacht features two V12s paired diesel engines of 1,650-horsepower, and can reach a staggering 21 knots (24 mph/ 38.6 kph) over a range of 3,400 nautical miles. It was produced in conjunction... Еще with superyacht giants Dynamyq Grand Touring Superyachts, and its design was created in line with the classic Porsche 911 sleek supercar look. Marco Ramundo, Shipyard Managing Director of Dynamyq Grand Touring Superyachts in Monte Carlo explained, «Porsche 911 obviously it's [sic] a supercar. But at the same time it's perfect tough for long range travels», adding, «let's say from Miami to Galapagos, you can do it with only one tank. «This result is something amazing and we achieved it collaborating, working together with Studio Porsche,» Ramundo added. The GTT 115 is expected to retail from €14.23 million $16.71 million) with only seven built worldwide so far.

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