Moldova: Rallies held across country in support of President Igor Dodon

Protesters held rallies across Moldova in support of the current president, Igor Dodon, and his pro-Russian policy, Sunday. People marched through the streets, holding flags and banners, chanting and calling for early elections. “In my opinion, the people chose the president yet the parliament rules, so it's not fair. If the president is elected by the people, the president should be the one... Еще giving the orders,” one of the protesters said. Moldova is a parliamentary republic with President Dodon now at odds with his own government. The head of state is the president, but his powers are extremely limited. Dodon insists on a rapprochement with the East, namely Russia, whereas the parliamentary majority and the government appointed by them are inclined towards the West. During the rallies, the Party of Socialists of Moldova put forward an initiative to switch to a presidential form of government.

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