Military muscle! Japanese soldiers compete in best body pageant

(Japanese): «During the year, I want to show to young students that I can still do more. My favourite food is chicken, broccoli and asparagus.» Tokyo, I am engaged in the Air Weather Group. The meaning of the event is to show the tough body of each self-defence official including the Air Self-Defense Officials, and the well-exercised bodies [of those] who protect the nation. Another... Еще meaning, I think, is to share the moment through the event, socialise with people who we usually don't interact with and to promote friendship.» round of holding the event. In Japan, the JSDF numbers more than 220,000 people. However, there is a small chance for people to interact with JSDF officials. So we wanted to provide the chance for both of them to interact together at the event, furthermore, we like to give motivation for the training of JSDF officials. In this event we will decide No.1 out of 220,000. Everybody turned out in good condition. So please enjoy it.» body I believe is, first of all, a healthy body. Health is the most important [thing]. So I train myself, at the same time enjoying it and [trying] not to get any damage. That is the result of the best body award today.» A contest to award the fittest and most attractive members of Japan's Self-Defence Forces took place in Tokyo on Monday. Sergeant Mitsuyoshi Mori was the grand champion of this year's event. The organisers of the event have two goals in mind: motivating the JSDF representatives to improve their physical form and to let civilians enjoy the muscular military display.

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