Midday Snapshot

The morning session is over on this Wednesday, so let's see how things are shaping up for the market players. Euro/Dollar has seen little movement, as the daily volatility reaches just 28 pips. The traded volume is in line with the monthly average, and the sentiment is neutral at 12% short. The sluggish rate movement makes any major shifts in funds quite unlikely. The Cable's biggest move was a... Еще gain of 63 pips, but a correction left it a fraction in the red at noon. Trading has been slow, and the neutral traders sentiment stands at 2% short. Success depends on timing, but the low volume should limit any profits. Dollar/Yen's initial rise was followed by a drop of 89 pips, but the pair still was point 25% in the green at midday. This pair sees twice the usual amount of funding, and long positions are up by 15%. The overall trend has been favourable for traders, but the drop did bring some risks. Pound/Yen went up by 145 pips early in the session, but a subsequent decline left it point 19% up from the opening level at 12 o'clock. Traded volume is 54% up from the monthly average, and traders sentiment is bullish at 19% long. Once again, success is likely if traders managed to avoid the drop. And Euro/Yen follows the same trend as its initial rise of 111 pips was partially reversed by a drop. The total gain still reached point 28% at noon. This pair sees the usual amount of funding, and the sentiment is neutral at 10% short. Both sides had their chances during the day. I'm Kiays Khalil and this was the Midday Snapshot for Wednesday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.

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