Midday Snapshot

This is the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot for Wednesday, where we’ll take a closer look at how well the market players have worked out the rate movements. Euro/Dollar has been calmer than usual, walking in a total range of only 44 pips. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the market players is neutral, just 1% short. Both sides have seen only limited chances for profits due to the narrow price... Еще movement range. Pound/Dollar has been mostly trending lower and a loss of point 2% was posted at noon. The Cable sees just close to half of the monthly average funds and most of them have been driven by bullish expectations. Uptrend makes losses more likely for investors, but they should be cushioned by the slow trading. Dollar/Yen’s high and low difference measures at only 33 pips and traded volume is low. Sentiment of the traders is neutral as short positions are up by just 10%. Both the calm trading and narrow price movement range suggest no major moves in funds are to be expected. Pound/Yen was heading South during most of the day, but a late rise has wiped out most of the loss. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and most of the traders have been bullish in their expectations. Downtrend makes losses more likely, but the calm trading is what should make them less significant. Euro/Yen’s day hasn’t brought significant volatility as the biggest move measures at only 44 pips. Traded volume is extremely low and sentiment of the market players is neutral, 4% short. Decline was followed by a rise, but the calm trading along with the narrow price movement range suggest both profits and losses should be minimal. I’m Kiays Khalil and that's all for Wednesday's Midday Snapshot, but these stats are updated throughout the day, so check back.

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