Midday Snapshot

We are at the midpoint of this trading day and it’s time for the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot. Euro/Dollar declined by a total of 67 pips and the pair trades point 19% South of the opening level at noon. Turnover is high and the neutral sentiment of the traders is just 2% short. Decline makes a successful start of the day more likely for those who were Euro bearish. Pound/Dollar dropped by 80 pips... Еще after 8 o’clock, but a following rise wiped out most of the loss. The Cable sees less than half of the monthly average funds and both sides have been represented in equal numbers – sentiment is neutral. Late drop was good news for those who had short positions, but bulls have had their chances as well. Dollar/Yen has been on a rise as the pair moved towards the 107 level and it has resulted in a gain of point 92%. Trading has been active, volume is high and sentiment of the market players is neutral, just 3% long. Steep rise has provided plenty of profit chances for those who were long. Pound/Yen has been on a rise as well and the pair stood point 86% up from the opening level at 12 o’clock. Traded volume is low and sentiment of the traders is neutral, 4% long. Bears had some chances early on, but the following rise was in favor for bullish market players. Euro/Yen rose sharply from the early low and rise puts the pair point 72% in the green at noon. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is neutral, 7% short. Uptrend suggests a successful morning session is more likely for those who had long positions. I’m Jack Everitt and this brings Thursday’s Midday Snapshot to an end. As usual, these stats will be updated every hour, so do stay tuned.

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