Midday Snapshot

We're halfway through this week’s last trading day so it’s time for the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot. Euro/Dollar’s rate movement has been flat, but traded volume is average, just 16% short of the pair’s monthly average. Neutral sentiment of the traders is close to a balance. Flat rate movement makes any major moves in trading accounts not likely. Pound/Dollar’s trend changed after the low of 1... Еще 2449 was reached, but volatility measures at only 51 pips. Traded volume is extremely low and the neutral sentiment of the market players is just 7% short. Both profits and losses should be limited by the calm trading and narrow price movement range. Dollar/Yen stood just slightly in the red at noon after walking in a total range of 53 pips. Traded volume is average and most of the traders have been forecasting the rate to move higher. Success depends on the timing of the trades due to the shifting trend. Pound/Yen’s day has been slow – volatility is just 54 pips and traded volume is extremely low. Sentiment of the traders is bearish, short positions are in the lead by 20%. There have been limited chances for traders as the rate movement has been flat and trading slow. A single trend hasn’t formed for the Euro/Yen and the pair was back near the opening level at midday. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is neutral, 6% long. Both sides have had their chances as the trend has changed. I’m Jack Everitt and this is how market players have performed so far this Friday. We`ll be updating these stats on an hourly basis, so click back.

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