Midday Snapshot

This is the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot for Wednesday, 2nd of November with an overview of the trader performance during the morning session. Euro/Dollar reached the 1 11 level after moving up by a total of 50 pips. Traded volume is high and sentiment of the traders is neutral, standing at an even balance. Uptrend suggests a successful morning session for those who had long positions. Pound/Dollar... Еще rose by a total of 100 pips to hit the daily high of 1 2320. The Cable sees 22% less than typical funds and sentiment of the market players is neutral, just 4% short. Steep rise makes profits more likely for bulls, but the calm trading is the limiting factor. Dollar/Yen’s steep slide puts the pair point 8% South of the opening level at noon. Trading has been active, volume is high and neutral sentiment of the traders is leaning towards the long side by 14%. Rate has been moving sharply down, making profits more likely for bearish market players. Pound/Yen dropped early on, but the loss was partially recovered in a following rise. Traded volume is low and sentiment of the traders is neutral, short positions are up by 7%. Both sides have had their chances, but the calm trading is what should limit moves in trading accounts. Euro/Yen’s decline has resulted in a loss of point 4% after 12 hours of trading. Turnover is average and neutral sentiment of the traders is just 4% long. Steep decline has provided plenty of profit chances for those who were short. I’m Jessica Walker and that’s it for Wednesday’s Midday Snapshot. We`ll be updating these stats on an hourly basis, so click back.

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