Midday Snapshot

The morning session is over on this Tuesday, so let's see how things are shaping up. Euro/Dollar's overall trend has been bearish, and a loss of 31 pips left it point 13% in the red after 12 hours of trading. Trading has been slow, and the sentiment is bearish at 17% short. The low volume and sluggish rate movement both make any major shifts in funds unlikely. The Cable has been trending higher... Еще, gaining 88 pips, although a late correction left it point 31% in the green at noon. This pair sees 40% more funding than usual, and the sentiment is neutral at 3% short. Success is more likely for bulls, although bears did have some chances. Dollar/Yen's initial rise of 45 pips was followed by a decline, which left it point 15% in the green at midday. Traded volume is 34% down from the monthly average, and the sentiment is bearish at 15% short. Success is possible with good timing, although it probably will be limited by the slow trading. Pound/Yen is on the rise, having gained 113 pips. The overall increase reached point 46% at 12 o'clock. Trading has been active, and the sentiment is neutral, although short positions are up by 14%. The small majority of bears did face risks for most of the session. And Euro/Yen's daily volatility of 49 pips was followed by a decline, which brought it back at the opening level at noon. This pair sees less than half the usual volume, and the sentiment is bullish at 21% long. Success is possible if positions were closed before the drop. I'm Celeste Skinner and this was the Midday Snapshot for Tuesday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.

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