Midday Snapshot

It`s time for the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot, where we`ll see how traders have managed to work out the rate movements during the morning session on this Thursday. This has been a calm session so far for the Euro/Dollar, volatility measures at 29 pips and traded volume is low. Sentiment is neutral, at an even balance. Rate movement has been flat and trading slow, so profits and losses shouldn’t be... Еще significant. Pound/Dollar took a steep slide and it puts the pair point 75% in the red. The Cable sees an average amount of funds and most of them have been driven by bearish expectations, sentiment is leaning towards the short side by 11%. Trading should be successful for the small majority that had short positions. Dollar/Yen’s high and low difference is just 26 pips and traded volume is low. Sentiment of the traders is bearish as short positions outweigh long ones by 26%. Traders have seen some chances, but both the slow trading and flat rate movement are limiting factors. Pound/Yen has plummeted by 159 pips and this has resulted in a loss of point 87%. Turnover is high and traders have been mostly choosing short positions, which is in line with the bearish rate movement, so profits are very much likely. Euro/Yen’s rate movement is calmer than usual, volatility is 41 pips, but the pair sees 47% more than typical funds. Sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish, long positions dominate by 49%. Decline has brought some risks, but they should be minimal due to the narrow price movement range. I’m Kiays Khalil and that’s it for the 12 o`clock report, goodbye for now.

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