Midday Snapshot

Find out how trading has been shaping up for market players during the morning session on this Friday by watching the Dukascopy Midday Snapshot. There’s little to report on the Euro/Dollar apart from the fact that day has been relatively slow. High and low difference is just 30 pips and traded volume is low. Most of the traders have been bearish in their expectations. No significant shifts in... Еще trading accounts are likely due to the flat rate movement and slow trading. Pound/Dollar has been trending lower and a loss of point 27% has been posted. The Cable sees an average amount of funds and sentiment of the market players is neutral, 2% short. Gradual decline has provided plenty of profit chances for those who were short. Dollar/Yen rose slightly as it gained a total of just 32 pips. Turnover is low and neutral sentiment of the traders is 7% long. Both the narrow price movement range and the slow trading approach are limiting factors. Most of the session was calm for the Pound/Yen and the pair spiked by 59 pips hours into the session. Traded volume is low and most of the traders have been forecasting the pair to head higher. Late rise has provided some chances for investors. Euro/Yen has moved gradually up by a total of just 33 pips. Traded volume is low and sentiment of the traders is bullish, long positions are up by 16%. Market players have seen some chances, but the generally narrow price movement range and passive trading both suggest no significant profits or losses are likely. I’m Jack Everitt and this wraps up the Midday Snapshot for Friday. Goodbye for now.

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