Midday Snapshot

It's 12 PM GMT on this Wednesday, and it's time for the Midday Snapshot. Euro/Dollar has seen a bumpy rise, and it was point 27% in the green at noon. This pair sees the usual amount of funding, and the neutral trader's sentiment stands at 9% short. Bulls have been in better positions so far. Pound/Yen has also had a bullish session, as a gain of 48 pips left it point 22% in the green at midday... Еще. Traded volume is in line with the monthly average, and bullish sentiment prevails, as long positions are up by 24%. Trading should be successful, although timing was important. Meanwhile, Dollar/Yen has seen a drop, losing 56 pips or point 43% during the 12 hours of trading. Trading has been somewhat slower than usual, and the sentiment is neutral, although short positions are up by 12%. Success is very likely for the small majority of bears. Pound/Yen's daily volatility of 53 pips was posted during a rise, but the pair actually was point 21% in the red at noon. Traded volume is close to this pair's usual amount, and both sides are completely at a balance. The overall trend favoured bears, but bulls did have some chances. And Euro/Yen has had a calm session, as it was just point 16% down from the opening level at midday. Trading has been much slower than usual, and the sentiment is bearish at 18% short. Some success is likely, but it will be limited by the narrow rate movement and low volume. I'm Jack Everitt and this was the Midday Snapshot. Stay with us for the latest updates.

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