Midday Snapshot

We're halfway through this week's last trading day, so let's see how things are shaping up. Euro/Dollar's initial rise of 65 pips was followed by a correction, but it still was point 15% in the green at noon. Traded volume is 69% up from the montly average, and the sentiment is neutral at just 2% short. Bulls have generally been in better positions, but bears did have some chances late in the... Еще session. The Cable started moving lower after 6 o'clock, and a decline of 59 pips left it point 13% down from the opening level at 12 o'clock. Trading has been somewhat slower than usual, and both sides are almost at a balance. The downtrend was more favourable for bears. Dollar/Yen dropped by 91 pips early in the session, and the total loss reached point 39% at midday. This pair sees 61% more funding than usual, and the neutral traders's sentiment stands at 4% short. The initial drop was good news for bears, but the subsequent movement was limited. Pound/Yen has had a bearish session, and a loss of 116 pips left it point 52% down from the opening level at noon. Traders have used 64% more funding than usual, although their opinion has been divided, as short positions prevail just by 6%. The overall trend was very favourable for bears, but bulls actually had some upswings. And Euro/Yen's single biggest move was a gain of 91 pips, but it still was point 24% in the red after 12 hours of trading. Once again, trading has been active, and most traders did anticipate a decline; short positions are up by 44%. Success clearly was possible, although timing was important. I'm Jessica Walker and this was the Midday Snapshot for Friday. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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