Midday Snapshot

We’re halfway through the trading day, so let’s check in with trader’s performance with the Midday Snapshot. Euro/Dollar has been declining throughout the session, with a total volatility of 60 pips, leaving it point 32% in the red at noon. The pair has attracted an average amount of funds and trader’s sentiment is neutral at 11% long. The downward trend would have provided more opportunities for... Еще bears. The Cable lost 65 pips to reach the daily low of 1 2951, but has since made a recovery, standing only point 12% in the red at 12 o’clock. Traded volume is average, and the sentiment of traders is neutral at 3% short. The changing trend would have provided both sides with opportunities and risks. Dollar/Yen has been rather calm today, volatility measures just 45 pips and the rate stands point 18% in the red at midday. The pair sees an average amount of traded volume, and the sentiment of traders is neutral at 4% short. The general downward trend suggest profits are more likely for bearish traders, however the narrow price movement would have limited success. Pound/Yen has also seen a bearish trend today, after the daily high of 143 35 was reached the cross lost 85 pips, leaving it point 30% in the red at 12 PM GMT. Traded volume has been average, however, the sentiment of the traders is bullish at 19% long. Because of the downward trend losses are more likely for traders. And last for this overview is Euro/Yen which has walked in a total of 97 pips, hitting the daily low at 128 59. At 12PM GMT the cross sits at point 5% in the red. Traded volume is extremely low for this pair, and the sentiment of traders is strongly bullish at 38% long. Again, because of the consistent downward trend, losses are likely for traders. I’m Jessica Walker and that wraps up today’s Midday snapshot. But make sure you don’t miss any changes on the FX markets by tuning in for the hourly updates.

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