Midday Snapshot

It’s noon GMT on this Wednesday and time for us to see how the sentiment of the traders compares with the actual rate movements. Euro/Dollar has retreated slightly from the recent high, but the pair remains above the 1 15 level for now. Turnover is low and neutral sentiment of the traders is 8% short. Gradual decline makes profits more likely for bears, but the slow trading is what should limit... Еще any moves in funds. Pound/Dollar has walked in a total range of just 42 pips, but the pair sees more than double the monthly average funds. Sentiment of the market players is neutral, 4% long. Both sides have seen some chances, but the narrow price movement range suggests no major profits or losses are likely. Dollar/Yen has had a slow day — high and low difference is just 35 pips and traded volume is extremely low. Sentiment of the traders is neutral, long positions are up by 8%. No major shifts in trading accounts are likely due to the passive trading and flat rate movement. There’s little to report on the Pound/Yen as well — rate movement is flat, but the pair sees a typical amount of funds. Sentiment of the traders is neutral, 9% long. Both profits and losses shouldn’t be significant due to the narrow price movement range. Euro/Yen declined slowly to hit the low of 129 and the pair has attracted 41% less than average funds. Most of them have been driven by bearish expectations. Traders had their profit opportunities during the gradual decline, but the calm trading is the limiting factor. I’m Jessica Walker and that’s it for now. We`ll be updating these stats on an hourly basis, so do stay tuned.

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