Midday Snapshot

As trading continues this Friday so does our coverage of the markets. Let’s see how successful morning session has been for FX traders. Euro/Dollar gained 46 pips, but most of the gains were wiped out by 12 o’clock. Turnover is high and sentiment of the traders is neutral, long positions are up by 3%. Both sides have had their chances as the trend changed. Pound/Dollar has had a slow day — high... Еще and low difference is only 28 pips and traded volume is extremely low. Neutral sentiment of the traders is 4% short. Both the passive trading and flat rate movement are indicating — shifts in funds shouldn’t be significant. Dollar/Yen has been on a rise and it has resulted in a gain of point 35%. This pair has attracted 28% less than average funds and sentiment of the traders is neutral, 4% short. Bulls have been in better positions, but the narrow price movement range along with the calm trading suggest no major moves in funds are likely. Pound/Yen has been trending higher and a gain of point 36% was recorded at noon. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is neutral, at an even balance. Trading should be successful for those who had long positions. Euro/Yen has shot up by 74 pips and the pair stood point 45% up from the opening level at 12 o’clock. Turnover is average and most of the funds have been driven by bullish expectations. Trading should be successful as the pair went in line with the estimates of the traders. I’m Celeste Skinner and that’s where Forex market players stand at this hour. You can continue tracking their performance through the hourly updates. Goodbye.

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