Midday Snapshot

The morning session is over on this Monday, so let's take a closer look at the rate movements and trader performance. Euro/Dollar stood point 22% in the green after gaining 44 pips. Traded volume is 38% up from the monthly average, and the sentiment is neutral at 10% short. Trading should be successful for bulls if it was done during the second half of the session. Pound/Dollar went down after 5... Еще o'clock in the morning, losing 72 pips, and the total loss reached point 34% at noon. Trading has been slower than usual, and the neutral traders sentiment stands at 8% short. Bears have been in better positions so far. Dollar/Yen is down as well, having lost 73 pips, and the pair stood point 49% in the red at midday. This pair sees the usual amount of funding, and the sentiment is neutral at 3% long. The downtrend makes success more likely for bears. Pound/Yen's decline of 156 pips left it point 83% down from the opening level at noon. Traded volume is close to this pair's usual amount, and the sentiment is neutral at 7% long. Bears had some very good opportunities, but bulls did face risks. And Euro/Yen went down by 66 pips in the second part of the session. The pair stood point 28% in the red at 12 o'clock. Trading has been much slower than usual, and the sentiment is almost completely neutral. Once again, bears were in much better positions, but the low volume will limit any profits. I'm Celeste Skinner and this was the Midday Snapshot for Monday. These stats are updated throughout the day, so check back.

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