Midday Snapshot

It's noon GMT on this Wednesday, and it's time for the Midday Snapshot. Euro/Dollar was back near the opening level after walking in the total range of just 36 pips but trading still has been more active than usual. The neutral trader's sentiment stands at 3% short, and the low volatility suggests any profits will be limited. The Cable's biggest move was a gain of 54 pips, and the pair stood... Еще point 12% in the green at midday. Traded volume is close to this pair's usual amount, and the sentiment is neutral at 2% short. The overall trend has been a bit more favourable for bulls. Dollar/Yen's initial rise was followed by a decline of no less than 187 pips, and the pair was point 67% down from the opening level at noon. This pair sees 46% more funding than usual, and the neutral trader's sentiment stands at 3% long. Success depends on timing, but, all in all, it is more likely for bears. Things look similar for the Pound/Yen, but the initial spike of 242 pips was not completely reversed by the drop. The pair stood point 56% the red at 12 o'clock. Trading has been typical in terms of volume, and bearish positions prevail by 25%. Trading should be successful if traders managed to avoid the short-lived spike. And Euro/Yen's initial spike of 190 pips was also followed by a decline which left it point 7% in the red at midday. Trading has been extremely active at more than twice the usual volume, and trader's sentiment is bullish at 16% long. Good profits were possible with excellent timing, although the long decline makes losses much more likely. I'm Kiays Khalil and that's how things look so far. You may track the latest developments with the hourly updates.

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