Mexico: Victim recounts horrific moment when earthquake hit Mexico City

Victim (Spanish): «Yes» Journalist (Spanish): «Did you see when the building collapsed?» Victim (Spanish): «No» Journalist (Spanish): «But was the area severely damaged?» Victim (Spanish): «Yes, somehow. Because some street lighting poles, various buildings collapsed there. What else collapsed? — Well I don't know, we just know about here. We ended up without electricity. « Journalist... Еще (Spanish): «Right now there is no electricity, right?» Victim (Spanish): «No because the electric transformers went down, here and also in Transito and Doctores streets. « Journalist (Spanish): «Are there victims?» Victim (Spanish): «Everyone that left here, everyone is alive thanks God.» Journalist (Spanish): «How many rescues have there been?» Victim (Spanish): «How many, Javier? Eight. Eight rescues.» Journalist (Spanish): «Where were you when the earthquake began?» Victim (Spanish): «At my place.» Journalist (Spanish): «Did you went out to the streets, to be safe?» Victim (Spanish): «Yes.» A victim recounted the moment that a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City, Tuesday. The visibly shocked victim thanked God that all her family was safe, adding that she has run out on to the streets to escape the danger of falling buildings. The victim spoke as nearby the rescue effort continued, with volunteers and emergency workers battling side-by-side to extract more victims from the rubble. The disaster has so far claimed the lives of at least 224 people, according to the latest announcement from the Interior Ministry.

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