Mexico: US citizens cross border for afforable dental care

US citizens have allegedly been making their way across the Mexican border for more affordable dental care. One US couple took a trip from the US to the Mexican city of Nuevo Progreso on Monday, where they went to see a dentist. Head of Hernandez Dental Clinic Dr. Bonifacio Hernandez explained that the clinic has drawn in other US citizens recently. «They come here looking for aesthetic, for... Еще them to look good at an excellent price and with very heartwarming service», he said. According to one such American patient, the cheaper prices are a major contributing factor. «It costs us a lot less, the dentists in America seem to have more interest in the surroundings rather than the cost they’re charging their patients», she said. Nuevo Progreso is a city that lies on the border next to Progreso in Texas. The cities are divided by the River Rio Grande, or Rio Bravo as it’s called in Mexico. US Citizens cross the bridge on their quest for what they claim to be cheaper dental care.

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