Mexico: Tlacotalpan marks annual fiesta with bull running celebrations

Mexicans and tourists celebrated the 'Virgin de la Candelaria' (Our Lady of Candlemas) festivities in Tlacotalpan, Thursday, where according to tradition people challenge bulls to fight them and chase them around the streets. Hundreds attended the celebrations which included pulling the bulls around with ropes, slapping them and chasing them around in an effort to provoke them to fight... Еще. «There is no mistreatment here in Tlacotalpan,» said a local resident, who participated in the celebrations. For another participant this is «a very extreme practice, it is emotional but it is the custom.» Since 2017, the municipality of Tlacotalpan has banned animal abuse and for many «bullfighting» is a brutal practice of abuse against bulls, therefore this year measures have been taken to avoid animal abuse by visitors and locals. There is a «veterinary doctor for each bull» and «the first who mistreats the bull is immediately going to be arrested,» said a local resident. The city has been declared a World Heritage by UNESCO in 1998 due to its architectural and colonial-era layout and for many locals this violent tradition is part of the it's folklore allure.

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