Mexico: Tijuana migrants voice scepticism over shelter relocation

Officials in Tijuana reportedly started to cut off services at the makeshift shelter set up at the Benito Juarez Sports Centre on Friday in a bid to force Central American migrants to move to a new facility known as El Barretal. «The food has been cut off, there is no electricity, they've practically started to remove the bathrooms too,» complained one of the migrants. Local authorities... Еще started to transfer migrants to the new site, after heavy rainfall soaked the ground at the overcrowded shelter near the US border, causing thick mud and large puddles. Despite the heavy conditions caused by the storm, some migrants were reluctant to move to El Barretal in the Mariano Matamoros neighbourhood, arguing that it was located too far from the border area. «The further we are from the border, the less options we have to do our paperwork,» a migrant from Honduras explained. Over 5,000 migrants from Central America have been waiting near the US border after travelling over 4,000 km (2,500 miles) as part of the migrant caravan. They say they are seeking asylum in the US to escape poverty and violence back home.

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