Mexico: Thousands rally against violent deaths of Guadalajara film students

Thousands marched in Guadalajara on Thursday, to protest the disappearance and violent murder of three Mexican film students last month. University, high school students and relatives of the victims marched through the streets of Guadalajara chanting slogans and demanding answers from the police and justice for their deaths. For Maria Aguilar, the mother of one of the students said «they are... Еще taking away our youngsters. They are killing them. They are making them disappear. And it is really important that we realise why and what for. It just can't be that they just take them because they can.» After one month of investigations, the Jalisco state District Attorney announced on Monday that the missing film students were killed and their bodies were dissolved in acid. According to the authorities, on March 19 the students were abducted from the outskirts of the city reportedly by members of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel. More than 15,516 people between the ages of 13 and 29 are registered as missing in Mexico, with over 7,000 minors missing as well, according to the Interior Ministry.

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