Mexico: Thousands march against new leftist president AMLO in Mexico City

Thousands of demonstrators marched through the streets of Mexico City on Sunday, protesting against the new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who was sworn in on Saturday. The demonstrators held various banners and chanted slogans, criticising AMLO's decision to cancel the construction of a new airport in Mexico City, which had partially been built with billions already invested... Еще. They also protested against public 'consultations' that AMLO had made to implement his government actions as well as against the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. «I've come here because I do not totally agree with the promises that AMLO is making, also what I've seen during this three-month transition period has been terrible,» said one of the protesters. She also claimed that AMLO is not able «to make decisions, he is not trained, he is a very arrogant person and very ignorant in the matters of economy.» «I have realized through the policies and decisions that President Lopez has taken during the transitional period that I do not agree with them,» noted another demonstrator. AMLO took office on December 1 after a five-month transition between his election and inauguration.

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