Mexico: Thirsty beer-lovers stock up on suds after lockdown dry law lifted

Dozens of Coatzacoalcos residents lined up to buy beer on Tuesday, after Veracruz state authorities ended a two-week-long dry law in some areas. Customers wearing masks waited to enter the store in small groups, while a police officer ensured that social distance is maintained outside the store. «Many people still don't believe [that it is possible to buy beer], it's already less, when we... Еще started [the measure] it was more [people who were suspicious], now it is less,» said Joaquin Reyes, a police officer, as he monitored the scene. After triumphantly leaving with dozens of cans of beer, one of the customers explained that his «wife's birthday is coming up and [we are going to buy beer for] a little party, even if it's only three [cases], no more, otherwise we'll go somewhere else.» Temporary dry laws have recently been lifted in several Mexican municipalities, including Nayarit, Sinaloa, and parts of Veracruz, after a rise in bootleg liquor-related incidents, including fatalities. According to reports in the local press, authorities intended to prevent the violation of lockdown measures, in addition to alcohol not being classed as an essential product.

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