Mexico: Send in the clowns! Metro authorities hire clowns to hand out face masks and sanitiser

The authorities of Mexico City have hired clowns armed with hand sanitiser to distribute face masks in the city's main metro stations to help stop the outbreak of COVID-19, footage from Monday shows. «If you want to travel in the metro, don't be a clown and wear a facemask. We need to protect ourselves and others,» shouted Mariana Pina, who goes by the clown name of Pinita at the Pino Suarez... Еще metro station, where she has been stationed to provide users with the hygienic gear they need to board the busy metro trains safely. The program consists of placing 8 clowns in the metro stations with the highest rate of contagion in the city to distribute free antibacterial hand gel and face masks to those who do not have one. Among the Metro stations that offer this service are Pantitlan, San Lazaro, Indios Verdes and Pino Suarez where the greatest number of users is found. Mexico has registered 35,022 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,465 related deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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