Mexico: Residents describe terror of fleeing homes after deadly quake

Residents of Mexico City described their ordeals the morning after a deadly earthquake on Wednesday killed over 200 people and destroyed several buildings. One survivor described how she was unable to escape her apartment and could only look on in horror as the quake shook the building. «It was very, very strong. We live on the sixth floor of eight and all eight floors were shaking. We couldn... Еще't run or leave the building because everything was bouncing up and down. The only thing to do was stay and look down from above to try and get help once it was over,» she said. A different resident was able to leave her apartment, but feared for her life in doing so. «We tried as we could to get out but there was loads of debris thrown onto the stairs, it was really, really, really horrible,» she said. The disaster has so far claimed the lives of at least 240 people, according to an announcement from the Interior Ministry. Rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors in the rubble.

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