Mexico: Religious activists dress up as angels to spread hope amid the coronavirus crisis

The Messenger Angels of Ciudad Juarez (Los Angeles Mensajeros de Ciudad Juarez) gathered at the US-Mexico border in Ciudad Juarez to spread a message of hope amid the Coronavirus crisis on Tuesday. «The Messenger Angels (Angeles Mensajeros) are bringing a message of hope to all those who are currently barricaded in their homes fearing what may happen in the next few weeks,» said Carlos Mayorga... Еще, director coordinator of the young Christian activist group. He added that they had decided to «take the quarantine to the streets.» The silver paint-covered group has been demonstrating at the border since 2009 to spread messages of hope on both sides of the border. Footage shows the teenagers wearing large angel wings and gowns while holding messages of hope and of Christianity amid the coronavirus crisis. The demo comes after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Mexico and the US have agreed to temporarily restrict transit between the two countries to help cope with the spread of coronavirus.

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