Mexico: Over 10,000 march against AMLO’s government in Mexico City

About 10,000 people rallied in Mexico City on Sunday to protest against Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's (AMLO) government. People marched from the Monument to the Revolution in Plaza de la Republica towards the Angel of Independence, shouting slogans and holding banners and signs. Many blamed the Mexican leader for his policies on migration and the decision to cancel the Mexico... Еще City Airport in Texcoco. «The bad decisions he has made, the expenses he has made with public resources, the cancellation of the airport, the support of ridiculous immigration policies. All the decisions he has made are not the decisions that a president should make because he is not seeing for his country but for his person and for his power and that is not what he should do,» said a law student at the rally. A retiree who joined the protest explained his frustrations, saying: «what has to change is that instead of having a narcissistic president, self-centered, with a Hitlerian or Musolinesque tendency, we have a real democrat, that respects the powers and that truly summons the people in Mexico through their representatives in their constituencies and in the Senate to speak and speak truly for the people.» It is the third time that a protest of this size was held in almost six months of government, reportedly with an increasing number of people attending each time.

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