Mexico: Nieto vows to defend national 'dignity' in dealing with Trump's US

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto vowed to defend national 'dignity' during his annual speech to the nation, the first since US President Donald Trump took office, in Mexico City, Saturday. «The relationship with the new government of the United States, as with any other nation, must be based upon non-renounceable principles: sovereignty, defence of the national interest, and the protection... Еще of our nation's citizens. I have said it and I will reiterate it: we will not accept anything that goes against our dignity as a nation,» stated the president. In turn, Nieto spoke on trade stating that «Mexico's objective is to consolidate this agreement [NAFTA] as an instrument for regional integration, giving complete certainty to trade and investments between Mexico, Canada and the United States,» said Nieto. The Mexican president continued that the Mexican negotiating team will tackle NAFTA with «with seriousness, good faith and with the will to be constructive» as it works along with US and Canadian negotiators. Nieto then touched on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an Obama-era programme that legislates to protect some 750,000 immigrant children who have entered the US illegally. The president said that Mexico will keep working with the US on issues regarding migration and security, and then stated that he salutes «the young people who benefit from the measure that protects them since they arrived in the USA as children.» US President Donald Trump is due to announce on Tuesday his decision on whether to end the programme founded by Obama's administration in June 2012.
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