Mexico: Nieto calls on Trump to end rhetoric over southern border

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto pleaded with his American counterpart Donald Trump to put an end to the 'negative rhetoric' about his compatriots in a video message filmed in Mexico City on Thursday. «If your recent statements are the result of frustration due to domestic policy issues, your laws or your congress, it is to them that you should turn, not to the Mexican people,» Nieto said... Еще. Nieto went on to quote former US president John F. Kennedy's 'let us never fear to negotiate' speech. «We are convinced that, by coming to agreements as friends, as partners and good neighbours, both countries will fare better than if we confront each other,» he continued. It comes after Trump signed off a proclamation which will see the National Guard deployed at the Mexico's border with the States as he ramps up his rhetoric on immigration and transnational crime syndicates. In his 2016 presidential campaign, Trump also swore to build a wall on the border and force Mexico to fund it.

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