Mexico: Neighbours pull together as capital's park becomes soup kitchen for quake survivors

Volunteers headed a recovery effort by handing out bottled water, food medical supplies and rescue equipment to residents in the Parque Mexico in south-west Mexico City on Wednesday, in the wake of a deadly 7.1 magnitude earthquake which killed over 200 people. Residents received emergency supplies in a park located in the Mexican capital as searches for survivors continue. Tents were also... Еще erected after buildings were razed to the ground, leaving many people homeless. “As humans we're brothers, it's more than a desire; it's a duty to support one another when they're in need, like now,» said one volunteer as he assisted with relief efforts. The disaster has so far claimed the lives of at least 240 people, according to an announcement from the Interior Ministry. Rescue teams are continuing to search for survivors in the rubble.

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