Mexico: 'Most seriously injured is the pilot' — Official on Aeromexico crash

Most of the passengers on board the downed Aeromexico plane walked themselves to safety, while those with more serious injuries were taken to hospital, according to a Mexican official who spoke to reporters in Durango on Tuesday. Director of the Durango State Civil Defence Israel Solano Mejia stated that the most seriously injured person was the pilot, who received maximum impact from the front... Еще of the aircraft. The official confirmed that the plane did take off, but that the height to which it reached is yet unknown. An Aeromexico plane with 97 passengers on board and four crew members crashed, shortly after taking off from the General Guadalupe Victoria International airport on Tuesday. According to Durango State Governor Jose Aispuro, no one was killed during the accident. The airline confirmed the plane was an Embraer 190 aircraft travelling from Durango to Mexico City.

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