Mexico: Migrants refuse to leave closed down shelter near US border

Tensions heightened between Tijuana police and Central American migrants reluctant to leave a makeshift shelter near the US-Mexico border, as shown in footage filmed on Monday. Last week the city authorities started to relocate migrants from the shelter at the Benito Juarez Sports Centre to a new felicity El Barretal, explaining the measure by unsanitary conditions that had developed at the... Еще complex. While promising not to carry out any forced evictions, the official cut off services at the Benito Juarez Sports Centre in order to force migrants to leave the area. However, many migrants refused to move to the new site, arguing that it is located too far from the border. «We've settled ourselves here on the sidewalk and we have to move to the street. But we are resisting, we do not want to go to the shelter, we prefer to be near the border and if we go there we are moving away from the border, that is what we are afraid of,» explained one of those who remained. Over 5,000 migrants from Central America have been waiting near the US border after travelling over 4,000 km (2,500 miles) in the migrant caravan. They say they are seeking asylum in the US to escape poverty and violence in their home countries.

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