Mexico: Mexico City prepares for longer water shortages

clothes. The neighbours are going to suffer from the water cut, but the local government installed water tanks and the water pipe comes and fills it continuously.» Residents of Mexico City prepared for longer water shortages on Monday, after authorities announced that the repair works on the Cutzamala water supply system will be extended. People were seen filling buckets and containers with... Еще water, as they got set for a further 40 hours of cuts due to problems with infrastructure. The local government provided trucks with tanks of water, which could be distributed amongst the city's neighbourhoods. One local resident, Juana Hernandez, said that people had to reduce their bathing times in order for everyone to be supplied with water. Another passerby, Lucina Canuto, said that some had to miss work in order to go and collect water. The main water supply system was shut off on October 31 in order for upgrades to the network. The water shortage has so far impacted some four million people in the Mexican capital and a further three million in the suburbs.

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