Mexico: 'Like a war' — Mexicans denounce Trump's anti-migrant border measures

Residents of Reynosa, located on the border between Mexico and the USA, gave their thoughts on their northern neighbour's preparations along the border, on Tuesday, as the 'migrant caravan' keeps on progressing northwards. «I think it’s an abuse of power because there’s no need for that much force. It’s too much force, as if it were a war against another country.» said Albert Hernandez Roman, a... Еще Reynosa resident, adding that «they have to look into more peaceful ways to face that problem.» Another resident added, «there are also children, women and elderly people who need help, who flee from lots of violence and scarcity in their countries. And one would like to help them all. But there are also bad people, and so far they have been behaving well, but one doesn’t know how they might behave here on this side.» US President Donald Trump pledged last week to send 15,000 extra troops to the southern US-Mexico border, where 5,100 troops are already stationed.

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