Mexico: Congress boos 'dictator' Maduro as Ivanka visits for AMLO inauguration

Members of Mexican congress (Spanish): «Dictator! Dictator! Dictator!» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* Legislators in Mexican congress booed and chanted 'dictator' when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's name was mentioned by Mexico's new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at an inauguration ceremony in Mexico City on Saturday. The choice to invite Maduro, as was courtesy to Latin American... Еще and Caribbean leaders, to Lopez Obrador's inauguration had not gone without criticism in the lead-up to the event — former Mexican president Felipe Calderon issued a petition in November to revoke the leader's invitation, which was signed by more than 75,000 Mexicans. Maduro reportedly attended a reception but was at not the inauguration speech. Over the past three years, more than two million Venezuelans have fled the country due to hyperinflation and a dire humanitarian crisis that many blame on Maduro's alleged economic mismanagement and corruption. Some 30,000 Venezuelan refugees had arrived in Mexico as of June this year. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka was welcomed to the congress and thanked by Lopez Obrador. MANDATORY CREDIT: Gobierno de la Republica de Mexico

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