Mexico: Clashes erupt as Tijuana demo protests 'avalanche' of migrants

Hundreds of anti-migrant protesters gathered at the Monument to Cuauhtemoc in Tijuana on Sunday, demanding that the government denies support to migrants. Protesters waved Mexican flags and claimed that they are not against the migrants themselves, who are mostly from Honduras, but against the “way they entered the country.” «They are not migrants, it is a human avalanche. I am very surprised... Еще, all the people are very surprised,” one protester said. The protest turned violent when a pro-migrant activist tried to argue with the protesters who pushed her and then escorted her away from the demonstration. Protesters then marched to the shelters were over 2,000 migrants are currently housed, but were stopped by a police barricade. Clashes erupted as protesters pushed and shouted at the police.

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