Mexico: Caravan with hundreds of migrants continues to US border

Footage from Wednesday showed hundreds of Central Americans camping at a sports field in Oaxaca earlier this week, after President Donald Trump warned about «caravans» of migrants heading to the US border. They were seen seeking shelter to protect themselves from the hot afternoon sun. In the evening, they lit fires to cook their meals. «Donald Trump wanted the world to smash us and erase our... Еще existence, but we continued and Mexico has responded in a way, we thank Mexico's response. This is a job that we have done every year and it is respectable, and we really seek ways to stand for sensitive laws», affirmed Director of People Without Borders organization Irineo Mujica. «Most of us have left our country not because we want to, but because they have forced us to abandon our homes, our jobs, our families, everything», said migrant Elmer. The group of around 1,100 people, advanced along the country walking along roadsides and train tracks. They are currently waiting to get advice on filing for transit or humanitarian visas in Mexico. Earlier this week, Trump twitted «Caravans are heading here,» and «Must pass tough laws and build the WALL.»

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