Mexico: Caravan migrants detained after crossing US border from Tijuana

A group of Central American migrants crossed the Mexico/US border between Tijuana and San Diego on Sunday, before being stopped and detained by US border police. Footage shows migrants gathered at the border wall on the beach in Tijuana, watching US security forces setting up barbed wire on the other side. «We are going to try it because that's what we came for, to cross [the border] and to... Еще reach the American dream. We all wish to be in that place,» said Honduran migrant Leonardo Josue Castaneda Vega. Over 5,000 migrants from Central America have been waiting near the US border after travelling over 4,000 km (2,500 miles) as part of the migrant caravan. They say they are seeking asylum in the US to escape poverty and violence back home.

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