Mexico: Capsule helps protect medical staff from contagious illnesses like COVID-19

CapsuleXE, designed by biomedical engineer Fernando Aviles, allows for the increased isolation of patients during emergency transfers to protect against the spread of contagious illnesses such as COVID-19. Footage from Tuesday shows a nursing team performing a demonstration with the special capsule in Mexico City. The demonstration illustrates how the device allows paramedics to attend an... Еще emergency without being exposed to infection. «What the capsule does is isolate the patient, generating a decrease in atmospheric pressure, and causing a laminar flow in such a way that this negative pressure allows the patient to be transported safely and to do so in a portable way», explains Fernando Avilés. Although the capsule was designed with the contagion of diseases such as meningitis and tuberculosis in mind, the need to protect medical staff amid the global coronavirus outbreak has seen an increase in interest in the capsule. The company is currently producing six capsules per day, although they are preparing for an increase in demand that will require the production of some 150 devices per week.

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