Mexico: Brutal fistfight festival in honour of 500-year tradition

SOT, Alan, Zitlala fighter (Spanish): «Fourteen.» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «How many years have you been fighting?» SOT, Alan, Zitlala fighter (Spanish): «Four.» SOT, Journalist (Spanish): «How many fights have you more or less made in these years?» SOT, Alan, Zitlala fighter (Spanish): «Around 13.» Men, women and children engaged in brutal street fighting in the village of Zitlala... Еще in southern Guerrero state, Mexico, on Tuesday to commemorate centuries old battles with the Aztecs. Fuelled by booze and music, members of the Nahua Indian community traded blows in fierce clashes that only end when fighters quit or are knocked out. The festival emerged more than 500 years ago when Aztecs who would come to Nahua communities to steal women. Back then men would wear skirts to try to fool the invaders before starting hand to hand combat in order to protect their women.

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