Meet the talented make up artist that uses only her FEET

A 35-year old Ukrainian from Ternopil Region Vera Feshuk-Omelchuk, who was born without both arms, demonstrated her outstanding visage skills, applying make up to customers using only her feet, footage filmed on Friday, shows. Vera always keeps her spirit up, as she realised she has the talent of a make-up master. She said that she went to Kiev for a make-up course and now she has been doing... Еще her friends' make up on special occasions. To date, she is a qualified make-up artist, with worldwide famous Oriflame company sponsored her visage studies in the Ukrainian capital. Besides the loss of her arms, one of Vera's legs is also shorter than other by 20 cm (8 inches). Doctors advised her parents to leave the girl in an orphanage, but her family declined and and surrounded her with love. Now she is raising two children, Evelina and Arsenij, born from a lover who has courted her for five years seeking her marriage consent. Dazzling people with her charming smile, Vera is happy to delight all her friends and neighbours with her amazing makeup skills, using only her feet.

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