Meet the real life Popeye who was born with huge hands and arms

Jeff Dabe, the 'human Popeye', was born with huge hands and arms, making him almost unbeatable at arm wrestling. In Stacy, Minnesota, on Saturday, he displayed his strength by beating his contenders at arm wrestling. «I was born gifted with bigger hands and arms and maybe it was a little tough at first, but when I was a kid I was probably as strong as the bigger kids,» said Dabe. Jeff Dabe's huge forearms measure 49 centimetres (19 inche) in circumference, which certainly gives him an edge over his adversaries. He has been competing in arm wrestling competitions since the 1980s. «It hasn't been much of a setback for me. I mean it's hard to get clothes, it's hard to fit, but for doing stuff around the house, it helps. Arm wrestling works great. Sometimes just the looks of it intimidates some people, so that's kind of a nice bonus,» shared Dabe.

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