Meet the Macbook Mourinho who's gone from computer screen to living his dream

Andrej Pavlovic, a 22-year-old man from Belgrade, says he is living out his dreams after he was hired by FK Bezanija on the back of his gaming prowess. RUPTLY caught up with Pavlovic at a training session in the Serbian capital on Tuesday. Before this job, Pavlovic played the cult classic Football Manager for 16 years — invariably managing his local side Bezanija. After taking the team as far as... Еще he could in the virtual football world — winning ten titles and guiding the side to a Champions League semi-final — he decided to try his luck for real. For the Sporting Director Aleksandar Bakic, Pavlovic's Football Manager achievements meant nothing but he wanted to try something new at the club so they gave him a go. «I was very confused. We've received his CV in the middle of the playing season,» Bakic explained. «We agreed with him that he does the analysis of one of our games, and we were thrilled with what he'd done.» Since he started working for them in mid October, Bezanija haven't lost a single match. Pavlovic said he is living the dream. «I am happy here. I plan to work at Bezanija, help them prosper even more and to help them climb the divisions and work with these young talents and see where we get,» he explained. FK Bezanija were founded in 1921 and have established themselves as a yo-yo club — often bouncing between divisions. However, in '07-'08 they made it to the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Cup after finishing fourth in the Super Liga. They recently suffered the ignominy of relegation following financial issues.

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