Meet the crappiest robot ever: Diarrhoea spewing DORODOROBO brings innovations to new level

President of Maywa Denki Corporation Novmichi Tosa showcased their newest innovation in Tokyo, Japan, Thursday. DORODOROBO is a diarrhoea spewing robot which leaves a brown trail wherever it roams. This is basically all that this robot is capable of. According to its inventor, the company came up with the idea after seeing a child's sketch about a dirty robot. “There was a time the idea... Еще came up from one child which is about a robot making a room dirty. It was just a sketch. So based on the sketch of the kid, we, Maywa Denki, really made this robot,” Norwichi Tosa said. “However, when I showed it on the internet, many people said it's a robot of 'Poop' and it became a topic. That kind of different way of view was funny,” the inventor added.
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