Meet Coco — the cat that sees itself as a dog

As the cat versus dog debate rages online, Johanna, from Palermo in Buenos Aires, can lay claim to having the the best of both worlds. Her undeniably feline friend Coco, a male Bengal cat, plays canine and accompanies her on a leash as they went for a walk around the city on Wednesday. «Nobody forces him, he gets in the lift on his own, grabs his leash and goes down to the streets,» says Johanna... Еще, who calls herself a cat lover. A sociable creature, Coco even gets along with dogs, and was seen licking a curious bystander's ice cream. Local residents often stop the cat and his human owner for photos, though some have mistaken Coco for a wild creature. «Some people ask me if he's a wild cat, if he's a jaguar, if he's a tiger. Some people have considered reporting me to the authorities for that,» Johanna says. «They can't believe there's a spotted animal in the middle of Palermo, really.»

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