Mediterranean Sea: Libyan coastguard chases Spanish migrant aid boat

A Spanish NGO vessel was tailed by a Libyan coastguard boat in waters off Libya, Tuesday. Proactiva Open Arms says its Golfo Azzurro vessel was in international waters at the time of the incident. However, they were in an area in which the Libyan coastguard has demanded it be able to conduct operations. The Spanish NGO vessel was requested to alter its course for Libyan territorial waters or... Еще risk being fired upon, Proactiva Open Arms' Oscar Camps wrote on Twitter. The boat then headed northwards, away from Libya, whereupon it was tailed by the Libyan coastguard. Proactiva Open Arms picks up migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded inflatable boats. The Libyan coastguard receives funding support from Italy and the EU.
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